ChocoHax Abelia Introduction


Chocolate CEO
Staff member
Jun 20, 2021
ChocoHax Abelia is the new anticheat developed by Lynx Collective

We would like to introduce a brand new anticheat developed on a base that is capable to be 2.5x faster than the previous one.
ChocoHax Abelia will be available for everyone soon...

ChocoHax Abelia is capable of protecting your server side and your client side with the less amount of CPU and RAM usage possible...
One more time we decided to use our advanced Artificial Intelligence on this version...
With the new configurator on the panel and via your console you will be able to setup your anticheat directly from your in-game console.
We also decided to release our Permissions System, that is 10x faster than the old one, easy to use directly from your server console.
More details will be announced after the official release.

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