First Anticheat, last Anticheat


Beta Tester
Jul 17, 2021
Let me do a review aswell, not as Supporter, but as a Customer.

I never had a paid Anticheat before, Chocohax is my very first paid FiveM resource/script or however everyone sees it.
It might be 220 USD or Euros (Lifetime), but for this you have almost 100% protection to all those who are lazy and mess with the experience we, server owners are trying to create.

If someone asks me, what do you recommend? I will definitely say Chocohax. First and last Anticheat i will ever use, because for me there is literally not a single Anticheat out there that is better.

To all the Developers of Chocohax, big thanks from me and my Community. Keep up the amazing work!

Yours Sincerely,