FiveM Backdoor fixed


Staff member
Jun 20, 2021
New York City
We've fixed a critical issue that would cause your server to get 'hacked'.

Cipher is a cheat that is going to inject into a default CFX resource a backdoor.
They can use that backdoor to run anything on your server besides the anti-cheat.

We found out the vulnerability thanks to two users in the community and we've fixed it as fast as possible.

From ChocoHax 1.3.0 at the server start, the anti-cheat will check for that vulnerability in your server.
If found, ChocoHax will download and replace your infected resource with the original one removing any possibility for the cheater to abuse your server.

In case the automatic replace it fails you will get a message on how to do it manually.

The update has been released, the changelog is below:

[+] Added anti-backdoor (cipher) - Detects and fixes the backdoor
[+] Explosions - Disable any kind of explosion (temporary fix asked by the community)

Artwork by @Akio
Best regards.