Three years of Lynx Collective


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Jun 20, 2021
New York City
Fellow members,
We're happy to celebrate today three years of Lynx Collective!

To celebrate, we've decided to do some changes:
We are going to release a new update for ChocoHax bringing it to version 1.6.0.
We are going to remove the possibility of purchasing the ChocoHax Lifetime subscription and we are going to add more durations.
*Users that have previously purchased lifetime will not lose the access, the lifetime will be an exclusive.

The changes will apply in 24 hours, meaning that you will still have time to upgrade to Lifetime until we completely remove it.

Also, to celebrate our birthday, we've added a discount code ("ilovechocohax") which will give 20% off to the first 100 persons that use it!

This said, happy birthday Lynx Collective and ChocoHax!
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