What is ChocoHax?


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Jun 20, 2021
Please note that this page is under construction and some features may be missing.

ChocoHax is the first premium anticheat for FiveM
The first version of DFWM
(Don't Fuck With Me) was released on 22/nov/2019 it was a failure and we decided to publish the source code (most of the paid anticheats are based on that source code and/or ChocoHax cracked version)
After around 5 months we officially released ChocoHax on 28.03.2020

Why ChocoHax?
Lynx Collective boasts years of experience in researching cheats and finding solutions.
We are always removing outdated detection vectors and replacing them with new ones.


  1. You must be 18+
  2. You must have an active FiveM server (ChocoHax cannot be used for testing purposes or developing cheats).
  3. Windows or Linux (Shared Game Hosting are NOT recommended)
  4. All frameworks are compatible (ESX,VRP,qBus,Custom Frameworks,etc.)
  • Multi-Language support (EN,ES,IT,RO,DE,AR,KR,CN,JP,etc.)
  • Logs
    • Discord Logs using webhooks
    • Console Logs
    • File Logs (local)
  • Admin Menu
    • Administrative tools
    • Player management
    • Server management
    • Permissions management
  • ChocoHax AI
    • Our OCR based AI is able to detect most of internals mod menus and learning new ones
  • ClearPedTasksImmediately detection (Kick Everyone from vehicles)
  • Chat Protection
    • Anti Fake Message
    • Anti Chat Spam
    • Anti Blacklisted Words
  • Entities Protection
    • Blacklisted Objects,Peds,Vehicles detection
    • Fully configurable detection methods
    • Anti Nuke
  • Events Protection
    • Anti Blacklisted Events
    • Modular Events Protection
    • Events Anti Spam
  • Explosion Protection
  • FXParticles Protection
  • Projectiles Protection
  • Weapons Protection
    • Give Weapon
    • Remove Weapon
    • Use Weapon
    • Client Side Weapons restriction
  • Login Protection
    • Force Identifiers (steam,discord,license,live,xbox,fivem account)
    • Anti XSS
    • Anti Blacklisted Names
    • Ban System
    • Kick System
    • Global Ban System
  • Client Protection
    • Screenshots
    • Anti Blacklisted Keys
    • Resource Checker
    • Anti Spectate
    • Anti Player Blips
    • Cache Detection
  • Backdoors Protection *NEW*
    • lynx scan - Quick Scan for vulnerabilities
    • lynx scan pro - Full Scan for vulnerabilities
Access to a dedicated panel


*Screenshots and features may vary with updates

How to Buy?
You can purchase a subscription directly from our website or via an
official reseller
Prices are starting from 19.98€
If you don't find your payment method you can contact us on Discord
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